Zack Schuch

CEO/National Director of Operations

Since graduating from Florida State University in ’06 with a bachelor's degree in Economics, Zack Schuch has emerged as a dynamic entrepreneur. His career began with a focus on working with local clients like mom-and-pop shops and golf courses, employing a diverse array of marketing strategies such as event-based campaigns and door-to-door outreach.

A pivotal moment in Zack's career was when he secured a significant partnership with the franchises akin to Midas Auto Care, where he marketed a variety of products such as Disney books, bowling experiences, and certificates for paintball and go-kart activities.

In 2010, Zack transitioned into the Home Improvement sector, representing the industry at Home Depot and contributing to the launch of Direct TV at Costco. By 2017, he played a role in the creation of a mobility campaign at Sam's Club. In 2019, Zack expanded his focus to collaborate with offices representing deregulated energy clients across 16 states. These types of partnerships enhanced the scope of his engagements, and solidified his presence in diverse sectors.

Beyond his professional success, Zack has made a meaningful impact in philanthropy over the past decade. Actively involved in charitable endeavors in both the local Raleigh community and on a national scale, his commitment to making a positive difference extends beyond the boardroom. This holistic approach to business and philanthropy distinguishes Zack Schuch as a versatile and impactful professional in the marketing industry.